A New Start...

I'm new to this in a way. Long ago, a lifetime almost, I was a working musician, playing solo acoustic gigs in Virginia and North Carolina. I was paying my way through school and trying to figure out what to do with my life. I don't feel like I ever really sorted the life part out, but I went off on a series of adventures as a soldier and a diplomat that lasted 25 years. I worked in places like Rwanda, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Darfur. And I came home pretty badly damaged. When traditional therapy and medication didn't help much, I turned to writing. I tried to write my way home. That story is in a book I wrote called Seriously Not All Right: Five Wars in Ten Years. You can find it if you want.

A couple of years ago, I came back to music. I started writing songs as the next step on my road home. Some of the stories are about returning veterans and their families, some aren't. But I'm putting together an EP of the ones that are. The working title is "The Forever War." Stay tuned. Oh, and you can listen to some rehearsal tracks just below. 

I'm just getting back into public performances. More often than not, I'll slip in between a friend's sets to play a few songs. But a big part of what I do with my writing and my songs is directed at trying to reduce the stigma of asking for help when you're struggling with PTSD, depression, or a TBI. So sometimes I'll do a longer show that includes readings from my memoir and a discussion of how music and writing can help with PTSD. 

With Harry

With Harry


Live Shows


Friday, February 7. In support of Guitars 4 Vets. VFW 3150, 2116 19th Street, N. Arlington, VA. Music starts 6.30pm.

Wednesday, March 4. Sitting in for a few songs with Jana Pochop and Libby Koch at Threadgills, 6416 North Lamar, Austin, TX. 7pm.

Tuesday, March 24. POSTPONED (Corona virus precautions) The long show at Davidson College, Charlotte, NC. 7pm.

Sunday, April 26. CANCELLED (Corona virus precautions) Kensington Festival of the Book. Kensington, MD.